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What have Open Age Members been up to?

Lockdown Project in Community Enterprise

Open Age caught up with Maggie on her birthday. Happy Birthday again Maggie!

Maggie and her husband of 38 years, Tony, retired a few years ago and joined Open Age. After 52 years of non-stop work here in the UK and overseas, Maggie ended her full-time working life with the NHS.

Ever active, she accepted the offer to work part-time for the NHS, accepting assignments that fit around her Open Age activities so that she still had the free time to enjoy all the things she had previously had no time to indulge in. She signed up for classes like Zumba and Tai Chi and Spanish as she and Tony enjoy long holidays in Spain. Then there’s Philosophy and the History of Art… Maggie had so many Open Age activities lined up before the lockdown.

Originally from Dorset, Maggie grew up on a farm and moved to London at 18.  London was her springboard for many adventures in life and work. West London is now home and has been their home for over 30 years. Maggie and Tony have seen the city and the neighbourhood evolve in so many ways. It’s not quite as dramatic as Dubai where Maggie spent time 40 years ago, before it was the Dubai we all see today. Still, West London is perfect for Maggie and Tony. Its diversity and sense of community makes it a wonderful place to live. And, it’s on the doorstep of one of the Open Age Centres…perfect.

With the two being so active, the thought of the lockdown was somewhat scary, especially for Tony who admits to always being on the go. Like Maggie, Tony still occasionally gets called back to help out his previous employer with sample alterations. Between occasional work, Open Age, odd projects, travel, family and friends, Tony manages to keep busy now that he has retired from 25 years of tailoring.

Tony and Maggie started making masks for themselves and their family and friends and the rest is quite remarkable. Maggie advertised them on Nextdoor  and Tony contacted Local Shops. The orders came in and Tony started to making masks wholesale (up to 30 at a time). Tony was busy and therefore delighted. Boredom averted! With Tony’s contacts from his career in the fashion manufacturing industry, sourcing materials was not a problem.

Like many Open Age Members, Maggie and Tony were inspired to embrace the circumstances we all find ourselves in. Open Age had to adapt to bring the activities and community from its centres to meet its members online and by telephone at home. Likewise, Open Age members have embarked on Gardening Projects, Renovations, Art Projects to raise money for the NHS (See more here), overcome reservations about using Zoom, danced, sung, boxed, stretched, penned memoirs and so much more.

There really isn’t any slowing down here at Open Age and our members are certainly not having any of it. We have all embraced the challenge and kept our community thriving. If you would like to support Maggie & Tony’s Project, please contact them on 07914 670 029 or email : 

Thank you Maggie & Tony for your donation to Open Age.

Cotton lined Reversible Masks sold locally for £5/ea.



Working in Partnership

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