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Men's Space

Open Age Men’s Space provides a ‘space’ (a range of activities) for older men to get together and participate in a wide range of specially-designed creative, social, physical and learning activities with a holistic person-centred approach.

This is done in a stepwise fashion of engagement, support and integration and at a suitable individual pace. Taking time enables older men to build their confidence, identify barriers and discover/re-discover skills, through positive and motivating conversations.

What to expect when you are a member of this group:

Develop social relationships through group activities by connecting or reconnecting to the communities while meeting people from diverse backgrounds in a wide range of social groups and drop-in sessions in a variety of settings.

Become more active – by engaging in regular physical activities ranging from walking football, exercise classes and moderate chair-based classes for men less mobile who may be referred directly by their GPs.

Participate in health and wellbeing workshops such as: relaxation classes and low mood workshops; experience the gardening project’s calming space and learn how to grow vegetables & herbs; promote independence by learning to cook healthy meals and enjoy eating out at a local restaurant.

Learn a new skill and increase your confidence by attending classes such as Computers, IPADs and Smart Phone for beginners; learn to play a musical instrument, and be part of a music band and paly at end of term events if desired; maintain conversational skills in discussions and share memories within reminiscence groups.

Making a contribution by helping out at sessions or by welcoming other new members to the groups; sharing information and passing on your own life experiences with other like-minded members.

For more information please contact:

Russell John: Tel: 020 4516 9977



Working in Partnership

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